Apply today for your share of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day funding

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jan 9, 2018


Could you and your community use a little help, say $500 to jump-start your wildfire safety program where you live? There are many simple low-cost projects that you and your neighbors can work on together with this funding provided by State Farm, which can make a huge difference in the safety of your community in the event of a wildfire.


The $500 may be just what you need to rent a chipping service or a dumpster for a community clean-up day, buy garden tools that you share, pay for gloves, goggles or food for volunteers, hire private contractors or service groups  to help clean up yards of residents who need the help, or help with marketing your event community-wide to engage volunteers.


Research has proven that steps taken by homeowners to improve the condition of their homes and landscapes can really make a difference.  It is simple and very easy to complete the online application.


Need help applying? NFPA is even offering a free webinar on January 18, and free online resources to help you apply for funding and carry out successful project work. You can also download the contest rules and information about how to apply below.


So instead of thinking about it, take your first step, and apply today for your share of funding to help make your community a safer place to live today!