New report shares a global view on wildfire risk reduction challenges

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jan 10, 2018

The question, “why is community wildfire risk reduction important”, took on a global prospective when NFPA gathered its wildfire partners from Canada, Chile, The United Kingdom, Spain, Lebanon, South Africa, and Australia last summer.


The proceedings document from that workshop was released by the NFPA Research Foundation in December and is now available. It reflects the dynamic discussion that occurred around community risk reduction and the continued networking needed to advance long-term sustainability of efforts.


It was great to bring our partners together, see the knowledge exchange that occurred, and learn from them about the common risk of wildfire. Many have adapted the Firewise program to complement their implementation plans for community engagement and others brought their current knowledge and research to the discussions. 


By sharing their experiences in community risk reduction, the group identified six fundamental issues that impact these advocacy efforts across the globe. These issues helped to frame the current state and challenges to outreach and how to best package messaging to at-risk communities anywhere. The group developed these discussions into identified next steps to advance local implementation strategies and necessary wildfire research.


We thank the Research Foundation for facilitating the workshop and our partners for their involvement.  In 2018, we look forward to advancing the identified research opportunities outlined in the document and continuing the great efforts with our global partners in collectively reducing wildfire risks.