Are we destined to "build, burn, and repeat?"

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jan 12, 2018

In the January edition of NFPA Journal, Associate Editor Jesse Roman explores why, if experts say we could create wildfire-resistant communities today, is it so hard to get it done?


Reflecting on the article, Jesse shared with me that, “The deeper you dive into the nuances of the nation’s wildfire problem and the web of issues that surround it, the more you start to realize how long and difficult the road to fixing it will be. Politics, economics, sympathy, fear, and lingering misconceptions are a few of the multitude of legitimate hurdles that have kept us frozen in the status quo, unable to address a crisis that has grown steadily more destructive as the decades have passed.”


Pulling from recent fires in California and our nation’s history of trying to manage fire ecology, the article wrestles with how difficult even defining change can be.


“With wildfire, even seemingly the most simple ideas are fraught with nuance,” Jesse remarked. 


The article, “Build. Burn. Repeat?” is in the January edition.


Photo Credit: National Interagency Fire Center Public Photo Archive, pulled 12 January 2018.