Apply for Wildfire Prep Day funding to help those at greatest risk

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Feb 20, 2018

Did you know that there is a category of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day funding awards that you can apply for to complete a wildfire preparedness project for an individual property owner?  Wildfire Community Preparedness Day funding awards can be used by a neighborhood, fire department, youth group, civic group or other entity to help complete a wildfire safety project on one property in the community with the greatest need of assistance and is willing to have you assist them.


If there is a residence in your community where the property owner is unable to complete wildfire safety maintenance projects for any reason, their property is at greater risk to ignition during a wildfire, especially from embers generated by the fire.  In communities where houses are located close to each other, their increased risk can become increased shared risk of the whole neighborhood from potential home to home ignitions.


Neighbors can apply for and use the $500 award provided with generous support from State Farm,  to help someone in need who is willing to receive the help.   This kind of project can be a nice community get together where neighbors get to know each other and work together for the common cause of reducing their risk of loss during wildfire season. Learn more about the kind of projects others have completed and apply today to help not only someone else but also make a significant difference for you, your family and your whole neighborhood.