One hundred fifty applicants are awarded funding, but all who participate on Wildfire Prep Day May 5th, are winners!

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 23, 2018


NFPA® wants to thank State Farm® for their generous support of the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day $500 awards.  This year one hundred fifty applicants were awarded funding.  Check out the NFPA's® Wildfire Prep Day page for information about who was awarded funding to complete a wildfire safety project on May 5th, Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. There are winners from 36 states from across the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. 


You can also check out the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day map to see if there is something going on where you live so that you can be a part of something bigger!  You don’t have to be awarded funding to get involved.  Everyone who participates on the day by taking action to complete some project work is contributing to creating safer neighborhoods and homes.  All participants and participating communities are winners.


Members of the Westwood, Massachusetts Fire Department shared last year’s success story with us, “We visited several homes to remove and dispose of brush that the homeowners had gathered from around their residences.  A few residents were physically unable to gather the brush, so we assisted with that as well.  The program enabled us to reduce ladder fuels, clear ignition zones, and create defensible spaces in areas of town that we feel are vulnerable to wildfire.  This project would not have been possible without the support of the NFPA® and State Farm®.  Thank you for all of your assistance, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.”


What will your winning story be?  We look forward to hearing about what you accomplish on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day at  or on the Firewise Facebook page!  Be a winner and get involved!