Will you be a part of FEMA’s new strategic plan?

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 28, 2018

I participated in a very brief update from FEMA, which was mainly a question and answer period about FEMA’s new strategic plan.  This new plan is part of FEMA’s long range plan to help create a more resilient nation.  There are 3 main goals that are part of their new plan, 1. Build a culture of preparedness, 2. Ready the nation for catastrophic disasters, and 3. Reduce the complexity of FEMA. 


Each of these goals provide opportunity for feedback, which is how you can have a voice in helping FEMA craft these goals.


I was most interested in the preparedness component, the first goal listed in FEMA's plan.  I think, regarding this goal of building a culture of preparedness, many of our Firewise USA® sites and partnering agencies may have a lot of great insight to share with FEMA  about wildfire preparedness.  If you wish to comment you can send an email with your comments to,


FEMA further broke this preparedness goal down into four components. The first was to incentivize investments that reduce risk, including pre-disaster mitigation, and reduce disaster costs at all levels.  Next was close the insurance gap.  The final two were, third to help people prepare for disasters and finally better learn from past disasters, improve continuously and innovate.  For more information about FEMA’s new plan go to their website.