What will you be doing May 5th? Make a difference. Participate in something big, Wildfire Community Preparedness Day!

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Apr 30, 2018

This Saturday we can all take action to make our communities safer from wildfire risks.  Everyone who participates is making a difference and becomes an integral part of a larger movement, where residents in wildfire prone areas understand what their risk is and are taking steps on May 5th, to reduce their risk of loss. Check out our Prep Day map to look for an opportunity to get involved where you live. Nothing mapped in your area?  Design and map your own local solution today. 


Are you thinking that it will never happen here?  Wildfires can and do occur everywhere.  It is not a matter of location.  It is a set of conditions, which can contribute to wildfire loss anywhere. Last week a small wildfire in Minnesota threatened a farm.  Smoke from the wildfires in the great plains area were mapped April 14th as affecting Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri.  The Greenway Fire in March caused thousands of forested acres to be burned in Florida. Currently in the Payson, Arizona area a large wildfire is burning thousands of acres causing the evacuation of many communities. Wildfires can and do occur in places not normally considered at risk from wildfire loss.


We can ignore the risk, or can we be a part of the solution.  Get involved this Saturday, May 5th. Get to know your neighbors and create a safer place to live.  What will you be doing?  Share your success story with us!