Training on wildfire risk reduction offered coast to coast

Blog Post created by twelle Employee on Jun 7, 2018


NFPA is offering its exclusive science based training, "Assessing Structural Ignition Potential from Wildfire" (ASIP) course in four locations throughout the U.S.  The open registration classes are part of NFPA's Professional Development weeks where students can take multiple NFPA class room training courses at one location.  


The ASIP course, is an updated version of the Home Ignition Zone or HIZ course and is a science based curriculum to help practitioners learn how structures ignite and burn from wildfires and then what to do to reduce that potential.  Students also learn structure assessment skills to identify vulnerabilities for ignition and how to communicate both the threats and the solutions to the homeowner.


Starting in July, students can apply to take this course in four locations:        

  • July 19-20, San Francisco, CA
  • September 13-14, Charlotte, NC
  • October 4-5, Denver, CO

  • December 13-14, Anaheim, CA

So don't delay!  Get registered now and improve your knowledge and abilities in reducing wildfire risk in your communities and jurisdictions.


For NFPA members and non- members, register here:


For a discounted government rate for local, State or Federal employees, register here:


And for those of you interested in certification, this course is a key piece in preparing for NFPA's Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist  exam.