Local news highlights the impact of neighbors helping neighbors

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jul 5, 2018

The task of reducing wildfire risk can seem like a heavy burden for homeowners who are unable to do the physical labor themselves, but some volunteer groups are trying to lighten that load.


A local news channel in Colorado shares the story of how real-estate agent volunteers are helping older residents and those with disabilities to reduce their home’s risk to wildfire and make a safer community in the process. "We want to help people find their homes up here, but once they do find them, we want to make sure they can enjoy them too, " a volunteer told the news station. Volunteers spent a day trimming trees and removing slash for their neighbors and plan to again in July.  


Current fires across Colorado and other western states have many seeking help on what they can do to make their homes and properties safer from wildfire. The Firewise USA® Program also encourages neighbors to work together on risk reduction activities and even to lend that helping hand when its needed.


Learn more about how embers from wildfires put homes at risk and what you can do to make your home and community safer.  


Photo credit: CBS 4 Denver, "Volunteers Help Seniors And People With Disabilities Protect Property From Wildfires", 28 June 2018, pulled 5 July 2018.  


Marie Snow, NFPA Wildfire Staff, contributed to this blog