Doing Good in a good way, helping neighboring communities with wildfire safety preparedness

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jul 11, 2018


Photo shared by Andrew Castellani


A neighborhood from Forked River New Jersey shared with us how they helped other neighbors reduce their risk of loss due to wildfires.  This Firewise USA ® site used their Wildfire Community Preparedness Day funding to expand their influence and share their knowledge about wildfire safety with residents living in a new housing development located close to them, who were not familiar with wildfire safety.  A portion of their project work included outreach to new residents who had no knowledge about how to make their communities safer from wildfire.


According to Andrew Castellani, “We had a very successful event that spanned three days, May 4th, 5th and 6th. We had about 15 council participants that made contact with 110 residential homes and engaged them with information about Firewise USA ® and the Ready, Set, Go program. On Monday the 7th our public works department picked up roughly 17 dump trucks worth of cleared trees, slag, pine brush, and various other combustible brush.”


This community is not only making a difference in their own neighborhood’s wildfire safety but are mentoring and assisting other neighbors to help them be able to do the same!