City dwellers are not immune from wildfire risk

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Aug 24, 2018
Perhaps you live in a large metropolitan area and are thinking, “I don’t have to worry about wildfire risk.”  Many people think incorrectly that because they live in a big city away from forests and parks that there is no need for them to maintain their home and property for a wildfire threat.

So how can homes located within city limits be impacted by a local wildfire? The most common way is by embers lofted by burning materials in a wildfire. One example of this occurred in Wenatchee, Washington where businesses located 1.2 miles away from the fire burned.


Another way wildfires can impact city dwellers is by fires ignited in brush along highways. Poorly maintained vehicles can catch brush on fire and even pulling over on dry grass next to the highway can cause a fire to burn from overheated parts. This year’s Carr Fire for example was caused by a flat tire.


Another way homes can burn in big cities during a wildfire is from canyons or common park areas located inside the city burning. In 2014, Carlsbad - a Southern California community located on the ocean - was impacted by a devastating canyon fire that destroyed at least 18 condominiums and 4 single family homes.


No matter where we live, whether we live in rural enclaves or big cities, we can be impacted by wildfires.  Wildfires are one event that can be planned for.  We all can do a lot to reduce our risk of loss by taking steps today to make our homes and neighborhoods safer.  Learn more about simple and inexpensive actions you can take by visiting the Firewise USA® Program website

Photo Credit: Los Angeles City Fire Department