Firewise USA® sites increase achievements in 2018

Blog Post created by msnow Employee on Jan 18, 2019
While this past year we watched devastating wildfires make the television news cycle throughout the country, quietly thousands of people decided to take action to reduce their wildfire risk. Wildfire preparedness doesn’t often make national headlines, but it is becoming a topic of discussion in neighborhoods across the country. The Firewise USA® program is geared towards helping residents work together to not only learn about the wildfire risk in their community, but to take steps to make their neighborhood safer from wildfire. 

In 2018, we asked our Firewise sitesto take even more action than they did in the past by increasing the minimum requirement to become a Firewise USA® site. Despite this change, we saw neighborhoods across the country step up to the plate. 2018 welcomed 163 new sites across the country, with an increased sites in states like California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado & Georgia. 

The Firewise USA ®  program began in 2002 with 12 pilot sites and currently has a total of 1,478 active participating sites in 42 states. 
Program-wide in 2018, Firewise USA® sites invested more than $65 million in risk reduction efforts.  This included over 1.3 million volunteer hours of "sweat equity".   

Science shows us that wildfires are inevitable in the wildland urban interface, but there are things we can all do to make our homes more likely to survive when this does happen. The 1,478 sites within the Firewise USA® program have committed to a continued collaborative effort in wildfire risk reduction. Every year sites are required to report their accomplishments and reach a minimum investment equivalent to one hour of work per home within the site.


The mission does not end here! We look forward to 2019 and encouraging even more achievements in the sites that have begun their journey to be safer from wildfire. 


Photo Credits: NFPA wildfire photo library