Expand your wildfire preparedness outreach with new Spanish resources

Blog Post created by megan.fitzgerald-mcgowan Employee on Aug 1, 2019

NFPA's Wildfire Division announces two resources are now available in Spanish. These tools can be shared and used to empower residents in taking action around their home.

Our video "Su Hogar & Incendios Forestales. Elecciones que hacen una diferencia." (Your Home and Wildfire. Choices that can make a difference) helps answer questions of where to start when preparing a home for wildfire.  Watch as a wildfire mitigation specialist evaluates a home and property with owners.   See what concerns she identifies and learn the steps recommended to reduce the likelihood of ignition.   Listen as the homeowners share their initial fears about being left out of the decision making process and their reaction to the work that has been done.

Want to learn more about how wildfires impact homes?  Take the online training, Entendiendo la Amenaza de incendios forestales a los hogares (Understanding the Wildfire Threat to Homes), where students receive an overview of fire history, fire basics, and how homes ignite and burn from a wildfire. It's an excellent resource for residents and other stakeholders that are pursuing knowledge on the basics of how wildfires ignite homes and the actions that can be implemented to make homes safer.

Check out our website for more tips and actions you can take around your home to prepare for wildfires.

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