Now is the time: Learn how homes and communities can be designed to resist wildfire

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Jan 7, 2020

Cover of e-bookAfter the past few years of wildfire losses, learning about safer design and construction could not be more timely. NFPA and Green Builder Media proudly announce our latest collaboration, Enough is Enough, an e-book detailing what needs to be done to prevent loss of property and lives to wildfire. Aimed at the building and development audience, Enough Is Enough is much more than a rallying cry, it is a practical script for a new era of safe home building in wildfire-prone areas.


NFPA has worked with Green Builder Media on a number of collaborative efforts over the last several years, focusing on both sustainability and safety. It was my honor to help develop an e-book, Design With Fire In Mind: Three Steps to a Safer New Home, back in 2015. As I talked with the editors about a new edition, I was struck by the importance of telling the story of what American communities have suffered – loss of life, property, and resources – in only the last four fiery years. Even more important to convey are the things we have learned that we can apply now to prevent future disasters and devastation.


Visit the Green Builder Media website to sign up and get a complimentary copy of Enough is Enough. The techniques and strategies we deploy today can have a significant impact on making our communities less vulnerable to the inevitable wildfire of the future.