New Wildfire Community Preparedness Day toolkit available!

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jan 30, 2020

Do you need a little help developing and implementing wildfire safety project work?  NFPA has updated its Wildfire Community Preparedness Day toolkit to help  your efforts to improve the survivability of your home and neighborhood, and keep residents and firefighters safe!

The NFPA toolkit shares resources you need to help create your personal or your community's own unique wildfire safety plan and step by step implementation of project work.  Some helpful pieces contained in it are safety tips, who in your neighborhood to include on a planning committee, and a link for your opportunity to apply for $500 to help you be successful.

Also included in the toolkit are recommendations, based upon scientific research, of simple and sometimes very low-cost actionable steps you can take to improve your wildfire safety.    You can also learn about which areas around the home and property might be the most vulnerable to ignite from embers generated by a wildfire.   Learn how easy it really is to get involved and be your own wildfire safety hero!