These fires have changed everyone’s point of view: founder of Australian bushfire building council talks about the path forward

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Mar 7, 2020

Kate Cotter, CEO of Bushfire Building Council of Australia, conducts a home inspection

The March/April issue of NFPA Journal includes a Perspectives piece on wildfire risk reduction by Jesse Roman. Wondering if Australia's historic bushfire (wildfire) season will be a catalyst for change, he spoke to Kate Cotter, founder and director of the Bushfire Building Council of Australia. Cotter\s organization is working on a tool to quantify and rate individual property wildfire risk to help homeowners reduce their risk before the next fire happens.


The interview covers Cotter's view of the Australian mindset and how it's changed in the wake of fires that affected the entire nation, and outlines her plan to help Australians quickly and effectively learn about wildfire risk before purchasing or building homes, and what they can do to reduce risk on existing homes. Read the full story online to learn more!