Fire chief: Sprinklers would have made "a significant difference"

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 26, 2009

The fire chief of Thunderbolt, GA, says home fire sprinklers would have made "a significant difference" in a fire last Friday that heavily damaged a townhome and killed two family dogs.


According to a report on WSAV News 3 , Chief Carl Smith says sprinklers “...would’ve stopped the fire wherever it started and contained it to the kitchen. The smoke damage would’ve been very minimal and the 2 dogs that perished would not have died. There’s no doubt about that,“ he Smith.

“I look at them like a seatbelt for a house. To where people are driving around, we do things like seatbelts and air bags now in cars. Sprinklers should be in every home,“ said Smith.

“Instead of putting sprinklers in your grass to make sure it stays green, put sprinklers in your home. I mean they will save your life, they save your belongings, they save your family,“ said Smith.