NFPA applauds states’ actions on home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 15, 2010

Jim Shannon  NFPA President Jim Shannon praised the work of fire officials and fire safety advocates after three states (Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and California) adopted the 2009 edition of the International Residential Code (IRC) which will require home fire sprinklers in all new one- and two-family homes.

“The nation’s fire service and other fire safety advocates deserve tremendous recognition for their efforts to bring safety home by working to get sprinklers in every community,” Mr. Shannon said. Read more.

According to NFPA, about 3,000 people a year die in home fires. When fire sprinklers are present, the chances of dying in a home fire decrease by about 80 percent. Home fire sprinklers control heat, smoke and flames allowing occupants time to escape and giving firefighters a safer environment.