High school project advocates for home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Feb 8, 2010

A high school English class in Huntsville Alabama conducted a feasibility study on home fire sprinklers and ended up advocating to the city council for adoption of the requirement in new homes. An article in the Huntsville Times titled "Passion pours out in sprinkler project" explains how students became advocates for home fire sprinklers during the project.

According to the article this was more than just a study out of the blue, one of the students in the class experienced a house fire in October of last year. The teacher asked her to share her experience, and out of that the project was born.

Students conducted research and agreed that the systems were needed. They asked the council to write a city ordinance to require sprinklers in new homes. During their presentation they were able to answer the council's concern with cost and aesthetics. What an excellent example of energizing a community behind the requirement.

Maria Figueroa