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The effort must now move to the state legislature, where the requirement is being threatened by Senate Bill 1057. John adds that “in the interest of fire and life safety, I trust that legislative efforts to overturn this decision by the SCBCC will not be successful.” He adds:  “we are fighting for those who will live, or die, in future homes in South Carolina.”

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Fire safety advocates led a successful effort in Kansas this month to defeat what they described as a dangerous piece of legislation. House Bill 2515 would have prohibited local jurisdictions from adopting sprinkler requirements in homes. The bill did not receive the needed votes to pass.

“The fire service in Kansas should be commended for their leadership in promoting home fire sprinklers,” said James M. Shannon, NFPA president. “They know first hand the devastating consequences of fire and know those losses can be significantly reduced with home fire sprinklers.” Click here to read the press release

Similar legislation has been introduced in eleven other states.  The time is now to call your state senators and representatives to provide them with the facts so that they are able to make an informed decision.  Let them know that this is a matter of life safety for occupants and firefighters. These bills also take away the right of communities to make their own decisions. Both points are equally important to emphasize.

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New Jersey’s Governor Christie issued Executive Order #1 freezing and suspending all administrative rules for 90 days.The home fire sprinkler requirement is included in this moratorium althought the order makes it clear that it must not apply to matters that “adversely impact public safety or security".

An editorial published in the Philadelphia Enquirer titled “For safety’s sake” posits that the sprinkler requirement should not be halted and should be implemented. It points out that “it’s difficult to see how the governor’s review will alter the compelling case for adding sprinklers to new one- and two- family homes…”

The editorial writer agrees that ‘the governor has the right to explore the regulations and determine if they are "unworkable, overly proscriptive, or ill-advised"’ as expressed in the order creating the “Red Tape Review Group”. However, the master plan committee developing the Master Plan and Advisory Council Final Report recommending fire sprinklers in new one- and two family homes “conducted a study on these issues” for over a year before arriving at the conclusion that this regulation was necessary.

As a participant in this committee I share the opinion of the editorial writer that this regulation has been properly “vetted” through a process and should be allowed to move forward. Most importantly, setting aside this rule does “adversely impact public safety or security” as detailed in the council’s report. I hope the governor is listening.

Click here to read the editorial

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Februarynewsletter The February issue of Fire Sprinkler Initiative Update, our monthly e-newsletter, has hit the streets. (Read the issue or subscribe today - it's easy and free!)

In this issue, we provide an update on state-by-state legislative efforts that are threatening sprinkler provisions for new one- and two-family homes. Is your state on the list? If so, we tell you how to get involved! We also debunk some of the arguments that sprinkler opponnents are using against this life-saving technology.

Also in this issue: we highlight the initial findings of a new study on the environmental impact of home fire sprinklers. 

Read the issue.

- Mike Hazell

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