What's the delay on fire-sprinkler rule?: NJ Advisory Board executive director weighs in again.

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jul 12, 2010

David Kurasz, Executive Director of the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board wrote a letter that appeared on pressofAtlanticCity.com encouraging folks to contact their legislators to find out why the state is taking so long to adopt the residential fire sprinkler requirement. The letter has been picked up by at least one more media site MyCentralJersey.com

Citing a recent fire in which an elderly woman and her dog died, he ponders why this life-safety regulation is being held up despite the approval of the NJ State Code Advisory Board, the Department of Community Affairs, and Governor Chris Christie's own Red Tape Review Commission.

Notice to adopt the 2009 I-Codes, including the one- and two-family sprinkler provisions, were signed off and delivered to the Office of Administrative Law to be published in the New Jersey Registry back in February, 2010, where it sat awaiting an executive decision by the governor.

Shortly thereafter Governor Christie issued an executive order freezing and suspending all administrative rules for 90 days.The home fire sprinkler requirement was included in this moratorium althought the order makes it clear that it must not apply to matters that “adversely impact public safety or security". This was covered here in a previous post titled "New Jersey home fire sprinkler requirement caught up in "red tape"

In March 2010, I posted "A perspective on home fire sprinkler regulation freeze in New Jersey" where Mr. Kurasz implied that "there are special interests at work" in the delay.

Is there something fishy going on in the Jersey Shore? Let's hope not.