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Proclaiming that "sprinkler systems can reduce damage and even save lives in new homes", the Chicago Tribune recently published an article citing the effectiveness of residential sprinklers, and set the record straight for misinformed builders and consumers. Correcting common misconceptions, the Tribune used valuable NFPA data to substantiate the facts: sprinkler systems do not carry a hefty price tag, cause more property damage, or use more water than the fire department. Get all the facts on how sprinklers work on our website. 

- Karen Wallingford

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On Friday, students from Bridgewater (MA) State University gathered with members of their local community to watch the Bridgewater Fire Department demonstrate the power of residential fire sprinklers. First, a mock dorm room without fire sprinklers was set ablaze, sounding a smoke alarm at 18 seconds. The audience gasped as the room was quickly engulfed in flames, and reached flash over at 1 minute, 15 seconds. The fire department then set fire to another mock dorm room - this one outfitted with fire sprinklers. At 135 degrees, and within 15 seconds from the first flame, a single sprinkler head activated, completely extinguishing the small fire. The University's Telecommunications Video System team captured it all on film. 



NFPA sponsors several demonstrations of this type throughout the country in hopes that such conclusive evidence will sway decision makers and anti-sprinkler legislation supporters towards making the life-saving choice of requiring residential fire sprinklers in all new construction of one- and two- family homes. 


If you're interested in hosting a side-by-side burn in your community, the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition offers a detailed guide  and free kit on how to conduct a successful event.

- [Karen Wallingford | mailto:]


In response to an editorial regarding the recent House vote to repeal the mandate for sprinkler system installation in all new construction, volunteer firefighter Pat Egan indicated that those in support of the the bill  often inflate the cost of sprinklers to validate their case for anti-sprinkler legislation. "It has never been more affordable to protect your life, home and belongings from fire damage." says firefighter Egan. "Gone are the days of ugly pipes running across the ceiling. Today's fire suppression systems are not only hidden from sight, but more reliable.  Not only will it protect the owner of the home, but it will also make it safer for me and other firefighters".

To see other myths regarding sprinklers debunked, access our myths vs. facts page and other supportive data.  

- Karen Wallingford

April FSI newsletterOur latest issue of the Fire Sprinkler Initiative newsletter features valuable information on the new Safety Alert issued by NFPA regarding antifreeze in sprinkler systems. Also, for our Faces of Fire campaign: Tonya Hoover, Acting State Fire Marshal in California, touts residential sprinklers in a new video, and a recently published Faces of Fire ad in USA Today was seen by millions.

Sign up today - it's free, informative and will keep you up to date on anti-sprinkler legislation and the ways in which NFPA is challenging it, as well as other sprinkler related news.

- Karen Wallingford

The tragic home fire that claimed the lives of seven children in Pennsylvania necessitated the construction of a new home for the surviving family members. Across the street from the remains of their farmhouse, a new home was being built that will be outfitted with a sprinkler system, among other safeguards. 

Ironically, the House recently passed HB 377, a bill that would repeal the current mandate for residential sprinklers in all new construction, and it now awaits final decision by the Governor. There is still time to show your support for residential fire sprinklers. Visit our website for advocacy tools to challenge anti-sprinkler legislation. Weigh in with the Governor in Pennsylvania and ask him to veto HB 377 to better protect the citizens and firefighters of his state.

- Karen Wallingford

John Waters, co-chairmen of the Pennsylvania Residential Fire Sprinkler Coalition, recently published an Op-ed on pointing out that home sprinklers will save lives and won’t kill the housing recovery. Challenging assertions proposed by the Pennsylvania Home Builders Association, Waters provides perspective on the various arguments that are currently interfering with the adoption of building codes requiring sprinklers in all new homes in Pennsylvania. Access our Fact Sheets page to read more supporting evidence. John uses a great anology in when he compares the Pennsylvania homebuilders to the Air Transport Association. It is worth a read.

- Karen Wallingford

NFPA recently issued an updated safety alert announcing four Tentative Interim Amendments (TIAs) issued by the Standards Council that address the use of antifreeze in sprinkler systems. The TIAs achieve a more comprehensive approach to the treatment of antifreeze in existing NFPA standards while providing new requirements for the use of antifreeze in new and existing residential occupancies.

NFPA Senior Engineer Matt Klaus talks about the new sprinkler requirements.


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