In Oregon, billboard proclaims value of sprinklers

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on May 12, 2011

A new billboard on Highway 217 in Tigard, OR compares fire sprinklers to having a "firefighter on standby". The billboard, created under a partneship of NFPA, HFSC and the Tualatin Valley Fire District, is in a state where local jurisdictions are allowed to adopt the sprinkler installation requirement in all new one- and two- family homes, and powerfully represents how effective fire sprinklers can be in savings lives and property from fire.With two or three more billboards expected to go up in surrounding towns, the message that fire sprinklers are like having your own personal fireman is expected to reach more than 700,000 motorists. 

The same point is echoed in this humurous public service announcement released by the Fresno (CA) Fire department:

- Karen Wallingford