Common Voices Video: Air Bags and Fire Sprinklers

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on May 19, 2011

Video by Common Voices features Donna Henson, whose son died in a home fire and captures "the raw emotion of a mother."

Describing the content of the video, Common Voices posits that "the comparison between air bags in automobiles and fire sprinklers in homes is one that works. Many people even make the comparison that smoke alarms are the seat belt. The main point being that once technology is proven that can save lives...our nation has set precedence in incorporating this into our codes and manufacturing requirements."

I had the honor of meeting the members of Common Voices at the Congressional Fire Services dinner. These mothers, whose lives were impacted by fire, have turned their tragedy into advocacy for fire sprinkler requirements. I salute and commend them for their feverish drive to make a difference for future generations.

Maria Figueroa