Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Become Law in Washington

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on May 23, 2011

State of Washington Governor Chris Gregoire has signed into law legislation providing financial incentives and removing certain barriers impacting the installation of fire sprinkler systems in homes. HB1295 was passed in the House. Its companion, SB5206 , moved quickly through the Senate and was submitted to the governor for approval.

Washington Governore Chris Gregoire approves sprinklers incentives

The law, which takes effect on July 11, 2011, “exempts homeowners who install fire sprinkler systems from paying the fire operations portion of the impact fee and establishes a fund to be used, in part, for “developing and publishing educational materials related to the effectiveness of residential fire sprinklers.”http://nfpa.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8351b9f3453ef0154327cb918970c-pi

As found on the governor’s website; “…Chris Gregoire has delivered real results to the people of Washington. Combining effective leadership with a tireless work ethic, she has shown time and again that she has the courage and independence to stand up and fight for individuals and families.” With this action, the governor recognizes the community benefits of home fire sprinkler systems. By removing certain barriers this law facilitates the adoption of home fire sprinkler requirements by communities in the state.

Removing barriers to home fire sprinkler adoptions has become a primary target of the Washington Fire Sprinkler Coalition ,while they continue to pursue the goal of obtaining statewide adoption of the home fire sprinkler requirement. According to Greg Rogers, its chair; “the coalition continues to be doing some very exciting things”

Way to go Washington!

Maria Figueroa