Puget Sound fire training cadets convinced of sprinkler mandate

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on May 23, 2011

King 5 news in Puget Sound (WA), recently covered a live burn presentation at a fire training facility where instructors set up a side-by-side demonstration to train cadets on the life-saving power of sprinklers. In doing so, they proved that a fire consumes the contents of a room so quickly that it becomes inescapable. After witnessing the second fire extinguished by just one sprinkler head, the cadets were convinced that fire sprinklers are the way to go. Despite many efforts and recent proclamations made by home builders that new building materials, new building techniques, and smoke alarms are enough to save lives, local jurisdictions may adopt the sprinkler mandate under certain conditions.


Sprinkler demonstration kits such as these are available through the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition's website and are an effective way for fire departments to raise awareness about home fire sprinklers. Take action in your neighborhood, and lobby for your local fire department to do the same.

- Karen Wallingford