Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Vetoes Anti-Sprinkler Bill

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Governor Dayton of Minnesota has vetoed HF460, a bill that sailed through the legislature after heavy lobbying by the home building industry, prohibiting the State Building Code, State Fire Code, or any jurisdiction from requiring fire sprinkler systems in single family homes.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton vetoes anti-sprinkler bill



Citing the inclusion of the requirement in the model code, which will soon be considered for adoption in the state, he writes; " any objections to such a policy are best considered through the regular code adoption process."

He goes on to emphasize his concern for the safety of home occupants and firefighters stating; "I simply do not see how we can further jeopardize the lives of the individuals whose mission is to protect the public and who risk their lives on a daily basis."

With this action, Governor Dayton has demonstrated his commitment to life safety for the people of Minnesota. Common sense and the facts have prevailed over single special interests.

Click here to read the veto letter

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