Home improvement TV show host publicly supports the requirement for sprinkler installation

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 2, 2011

In a recent interview on radio talk show Life, love & health, home improvement television show host Ron Hazleton, proclaimed residential sprinklers as being “the only fire prevention technology that will actually put a fire out.” 

Ron Hazleton side-by-sideHome Improvement TV Show host Ron Hazelton, at a side-by-side sprinkler demonstration

As Hazelton puts it, sprinklers put out or contain a fire until the fire department gets there, and 90% of the time just one sprinkler head is activated. Debunking common myths, Hazelton went on to define sprinklers as being no more likely to malfunction than any other part of the plumbing in the home. Additionally, a sprinkler head puts out far, far less water than a fireman’s hose and are only activated by heat. According to Hazelton, codes are actually the distilled result many experiences, sadly often negative. As an advocate for the requirements for residential fire sprinklers, he encourages people to bring their stories of renovation to their community leaders so they too can advocate and use these success stories to persuade others to install fire sprinklers in their homes.

- Karen Wallingford