The added benefits of home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 6, 2011

Media coverage of a recent townhouse fire on Carlton Drive in New Hanover County, NC underscores the reduction of property damage by fire sprinklers.

Although home fire sprinkler systems are designed for life safety, reduced property damage is an added benefit.

Sprinkler head The story quotes Assistant Wilmington Fire Chief Frank Blackley; "A sprinkler system in an apartment fire Tuesday kept damages to $1,500, while the fire on Carlton Drive totaled at least $200,000." Property damage was reduced by 75% in the sprinkered residential occupancy. There is no other fire safety technology or program that produces as great a reduction in property loss per fire as fire sprinklers; reducing property loss by 71%.*

Fire sprinklers save lives and property and also protect the environment. Visit the research/reports and resources section of our website to obtain additional information and to assist advocacy efforts as jurisdictions consider the adoption of model codes requiring fire sprinkler in new home construction.


Maria Figueroa


 *US Experience with Sprinklers (Table 4-3, pg. 38)