Studies show sprinklers offer financial incentives, environmental benefits

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 15, 2011

NFPA Regional Director Maria Figueroa discusses sprinkler incentives
NFPA Regional Director Maria Figueroa presents findings of two Research Foundation studies regarding barriers and incentives to installing residential home sprinkler systems

During the education session entitled, “Barriers and Incentives Related to the Installation of Home Fire Sprinklers”, NFPA fire prevention regional director, Maria Figueroa presented the results of two Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) projects related to community-based barriers and incentives for the installation of home fire sprinklers. "We will continue to press and educate folks on the value of home sprinklers" says Ms. Figueroa.

The objective of the first study on the overall value and impact of home fire sprinkler incentives was to identify, characterize, and estimate the approximate value of sprinkler system incentives that are in place in various communities. A wide variety of incentives, such as builder credits, reduced property taxes, and the ability to use narrower roads, were identified in 16 communities and a financial value assigned to them.

The second study showed that home fire sprinklers offer environmental benefits and reduce water infrastructure demand by looking at a specific issue that has been a barrier to the installation of home fire sprinklers — the concerns from water utilities regarding water usage during a fire and associated performance of water meters. Water usage estimates in home fires were collected from selected fire departments and laboratory testing was conducted on water meter performance.

- Karen Wallingford