From the BBC:  Sprinklers are "the difference between life and death" in recent burn demonstration

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 28, 2011

Almost three months after the Welsh assembly passed a law requiring the installation of residential sprinklers, a reporter for the BBC covered a live burn demonstration in Warwickshire, England with hopes that such coverage would persuade lawmakers towards similar legislation. The Warwickshire Fire and Rescue service demonstrated the difference a sprinkler makes to a house fire, and the side-by-side demonstration was captured on video. "Within two minutes the shout was given to get out. Crawling on our hands and knees we left the house with toxic smoke billowing through the windows, in another few minutes, windows shattered and flames engulfed the room," says the reporter. This, after the attending fire service indicated there would be six minutes until a first call was given to make an exit.

As communities across the country work towards adopting sprinkler legislations at the local level, it's encouraging to know they are in good company around the world.  More videos from the Fire Sprinkler Initiative are available to demonstrate the life and property saving power of residential sprinklers.

- Karen Wallingford