Insurance discounts available for residential sprinklers

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Aug 8, 2011

NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative has created one succinct resource to spread the word on insurance discounts for sprinklers systems. Combining data pulled from the cost assessment report by NFPA's Fire Protection Research Foundation, and the ISO fact sheet on sprinklers, advocates now have one easy-to-reference fact sheet to use in educating their communities.

Discount savings ranged from 0 to 10% among all companies and agencies surveyed, with an average discount savings percentage premium of 7%, while credits for installation of fire sprinkler protection were available up to 13% for full sprinkler protection (including all areas of a home, including attics, bathrooms, closets,and attached structures) and 8% for fire sprinkler protection of all areas of a home excluding the attic, bathrooms, closets, and attached structures as long as fire detection equipment is installed in those areas where sprinklers are omitted.

More fact sheets are available to convince local authorities of the values of sprinkler system installation.

- Karen Wallingford