Midway Fire Rescue capitalizes on successful fire sprinkler activation to increase awareness

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Aug 9, 2011

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After a successful activation of a fire sprinkler system in a multifamily structure fire Midway Fire Rescue in Pawleys Island, South Carolina issued a press release highlighting the importance of the system in protecting life and property.

WMBF News online published an article based on the press release, stating; “If there had not been a fire sprinkler system in the building, the building would have suffered considerable losses and the lives of the residents and firefighters would have been in danger.”

The end of the piece contains the following bullet points:

  • Dramatically reduced the risk of personal injury to residents and firefighters
  • Saved a valuable community asset
  • Saved the insurance company from paying out huge fire losses
  • Saved the water district from huge water losses
  • Saved the county and the state from revenue losses
  • Reduced the need for additional firefighting units
  • Only 1 sprinkler head activated to contained the fire
  • And showed how valuable these systems are.

Emphasizing the many benefits that fire sprinklers provide in residential structure fires assists to increase community awareness and highlights the importance of including this minimum model safety requirement in all new one- and two-family homes.

Kudos to Midway Fire Rescue. Is your fire department prepared to follow its lead? Every fire department and public information officer should issue similar press releases immediately after these fires. Be ready to give the media the important “sound bites” on the difference a fire sprinkler makes.

Maria Figueroa