Home fire sprinkler saves three lives in Mount Airy, MD

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The Westminster Patch reports that a home fire sprinkler activation saved three people on August 18th. In addition to saving these lives there was minimal fire damage to the home. The system was installed during the house's construction two years ago.Sprinklerhand

According to the article Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal Jason Mowbray aptly stated; “the public often doesn't hear about the successes of these residential sprinkler systems because the fire damage and human injury are avoided, leaving little to report.”

"It's not exciting news but it's important to get the word out that these sprinkler systems do work in saving lives and minimizing damage from fire and smoke. Because they work so well, we often don't hear about them;" the patch quotes Mowbray.

The news release from the fire department informs that Suzanne Wagner, her 2-year-old daughter, and a caregiver, were upstairs when a smoke alarm alerted them to the fire Thursday evening in their home. The two-story home was equipped with a residential automatic sprinkler system which controlled the fire allowing the occupants time to escape to safety.

Fire Marshal Mowbray has done a great job highlighting this single family home sprinkler save and the importance of home fire sprinkler requirements. Are you using home fire incidents and home fire sprinkler saves as “teachable moments”?

On the scene, or after the fact with a press release; the existence of a fire sprinkler system that saved home occupants from death or injury; or the lack of one that may have prevented a tragedy, must be publicized. This will help to “educate and let people know how effective these sprinklers are” as Fire Marshal Mowbray stated.

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