Side-by-side demonstration latest lesson for fire science students

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Sep 8, 2011

The fire science technology department of Harper College (Palatine, IL) will be holding a side-by-side sprinkler demonstration for fire science students and the public. The demonstration will provide a real life example of the power and value of residential fire sprinklers. “Time is the biggest enemy in any fire, and demonstrations like this one are outstanding illustrations of the drastic difference that sprinkler systems can make,” said Sam Giordano, coordinator of Harper’s Fire Science Technology department. “It’s vital for our students to see this demonstration, and it’s equally important for local residents to see it and to understand the importance of sprinkler systems.”

Side-by-side burns use two mock rooms, one outfitted with sprinklers and one without. The rooms are then ignited, and the audience witnesses the scary, real time growth of a home fire. The fire in the room outfitted with sprinklers is quickly extinguished by the sprinkler head, suffering only water damage. In comparison, the un-sprinklered room is burned beyond repair. 

- Karen Wallingford