Sprinkler system "did what it was supposed to" in Maryland; saves residence in North Carolina

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Sep 19, 2011

A two-story apartment in Port Deposit, Maryland was saved last week when its residential sprinkler system activated and extiguished flames that threatened the rest of the home. "The sprinkler system did what it was supposed to do. It activated and confined the fire, saving people's lives" said Deputy State Fire Marshal, Mark A. Bilger.  Maryland adopted and implemented the International Residential Code requiring residential sprinklers in all new one- and two- family homes beginning January 1, 2011. Sprinkler saves such as this reenforce the need to spread the message that residential sprinklers save lives and property. 

In Cornelius, North Carolina, a sprinkler extinguished a fire that was thought to have originated in the kitchen. No one was home at that time of the fire, and the flames had been completely extinguished by the sprinkler system when the fire department arrived. North Carolina currently does not have a residential sprinkler requirement, but evidence such as this and effective advocacy efforts could help to sway legislation.

- Karen Wallingford