Apartment fire in Somersworth, NH: The Difference a Fire Sprinkler Makes

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A fire in a six unit, two story apartment building in Somersworth, NH, was controlled by a single sprinkler. There were no injuries and only minor damage to the occupancy, allowing the unit’s occupant to continue living in the home.

Somersworth 13R savePhoto courtesy of the Somersworth Fire Department

 According to Donald P. Bliss, Interim Fire Chief & Emergency Management Director of the Somersworth Fire Department, the fire in a building owned by the Somersworth Housing Authority, “was caused by an unattended tea candle sitting on a table that ignited some clothing material hanging on the back of the door.” He informs that the sprinkler quickly extinguished the fire with minimal damage.

In what can only be described as serendipitous irony, he adds; “the engine company was able to be quickly released to respond mutual aid to the neighboring community for an apartment fire in which the occupant was critically injured.”

What a difference a fire sprinkler makes! Minor damage, no injuries, no one displaced from their home versus mutual aid response, extensive damage, critical injuries; possible displacement of many occupants from their homes. 

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