Home fire sprinkler success stories in Maryland

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Oct 3, 2011

A fire that began in the basement of a two-story townhouse in Abingdon was successfully extinguished by a residential sprinkler system last weekend. The sprinkler system prevented the fire from spreading, and extinguished the blaze before further damage to the property could be made. Fire personnel responded to the call and discovered the sprinkler system activated, saving the life of the man who lived there. 

Elsewhere in Maryland, a fire that started in the living room of an apartment home was extinguished by its sprinkler system. The residents would have been trapped inside had it not been for the successful activation of home sprinklers. According to an article in the local paper, the fire was the result of a young boy's fascination with fire. The National Fire Protection Association has created many fire safety educational materials to prevent accidents such as these from happening.

- Karen Wallingford