NFPA's Russ Sanders touts home fire sprinklers in recent radio interview

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Oct 4, 2011

As areas around the country embrace building codes requiring residential sprinklers system in new homes, debates flare up between builders, developers, homeowners and fire officials. The main point of contention continues to be one of cost. While builders and developers quote astronomical numbers for the installation of a sprinkler system that would then fall on the shoulders of home owners, fire officials and fire safety professionals cite the affordability of this proven technology based on extensive research. For less than one would pay to upgrade their carpet, homeowners can protect their families from home fires. According to a report from NFPA's Fire Protection Research Foundation, on average, the cost to install home fire sprinklers is $1.61 per square foot. "What it really comes down to is priorities" says NFPA's Regional Director and retired firefighter Russ Sanders, "What's more important? Upgrading your carpet, or protecting your family from fire?"

According to Mr. Sanders, "on average, we are losing eight people every day in a home fire." Residential fire sprinklers are a proven and affordable life-saving technology, and with numbers like these, it is as important as ever to support the requirement for home fire sprinklers in new construction in your community. Listen to the complete interview, and access our website for a complete list of advocacy resources

- Karen Wallingford