Phoenix Society, NFPA deliver “one-two punch” in advocacy

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Oct 4, 2011
Phoenix Society and NFPA logo

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors are delivering a “one-two punch,” according to a recent article in the New England Post.

The organizations leveraged the Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress this past week in Cincinnati to help advocate for the prevention of burn injuries, especially as it relates to codes, standards, education and more.

“It was an incredible event as always, with over 800 participants,” said Amy Acton, executive director of the Phoenix Society. Acton mentioned the Congress also enjoys the support and presence of “healthcare professionals and fire service professionals.”

Among them in Cincinnati was Gary Keith, Vice President of Field Operations for the NFPA. Representing both the NFPA and Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC), Keith spoke at the Congress’ ‘Walk of Remembrance,’ an event honoring those who have died due to burn injuries. Acton said that Keith’s focus was home fire sprinkler systems, encouraging those impacted by a burn injury to “talk louder about the issues, (and) getting codes passed at a national level that will require sprinkler systems for all new homes that are constructed.”

The article also brought awareness to volunteer firefighter and Keith’s fellow NFPA employee, Robert F. Duval. Inspired by the Phoenix Society and Keith’s call to action, Duval will be participating in the Hartford, CT based marathon on behalf of Team Phoenix, a running group that helps support the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.

Watch Amy Acton discuss the conference, and the opportunities it provided to advocate for home fire sprinklers in this interview on Cincinnati's Fox 19.