Home lost to fire being rebuilt with sprinklers

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Oct 12, 2011

A home in Crestline (CA) burned to the ground last February, leaving just one survivor to witness the rebuild of her family's home. The new home is being outfitted with a sprinkler system. According to an article in Mountain News, the tragic fire left just a skeleton of the structure where Dawn Alexander once lived. Her husband and teenage son perished in the fire. 

Crestline Home Lost in Fire
Photo: Glenn Barr, Mountain News
Crestline Home Lost in Fire Rebuilt
Photo: Glenn Barr, Mountain News
When the fire started in the early morning hours, Mrs. Alexander's husband, Victor was awakened by smoke alarms. After getting his wife to safety, he reentered the house to rescue their son. Unfortunately by that time, flames and smoke had taken over and the two were unable to escape. 

Fire sprinklers save lives and property. Smoke alarms alert occupants to the presence of danger, but do nothing to extinguish the fire. Use the tools our website to advocate for a sprinkler mandate in your community.

- Karen Wallingford