Side-by-side home fire sprinkler demonstration held in Virginia

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Oct 13, 2011

The Richmond Times-Dispatch recently posted a video of a side-by-side burn demonstration that took place in Chesterfield, VA.  Hosted by the Chesterfield Fire Department, the powerful footage shows the extent of damage that can occur when sprinklers are not present. "While residential sprinklers will never replace the need for firefighters, it is our hope that in the future, these built-in firefighters will be as common in the residential structure as a smoke detector is today," said Edward Loy Senter, Chief of Chesterfield Fire and EMS.


Looking for a sprinkler demonstration kit to host a similar event in your community? Contact the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition. Sprinkler demonstrations provide a powerful educational resource to spread the safety message of residential sprinkler systems.

- Karen Wallingford