Carroll County, MD commissioners uphold home fire sprinkler requirement

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Dec 20, 2011

SprinklerhandCarroll County, MD Board of County Commissioners, with one lone dissenting vote, upheld the fire sprinkler requirement for all new home construction.

Carroll County enacted fire sprinkler requirements in 2005, for all new home construction. According to the editorial this occurred “over strenuous objections from the development community because of the potential for it eating into the profits…” This year, the board revisited the issue and opponents again mounted a battle of resistance against the requirement. 

A scathing editorial appearing today in the Carroll County Times applauds the commissioners for “listening to many voices of reason and agreeing to keep a requirement that sprinkler systems be required in new residential development.”

The editorial concludes; “It is good that at least four of our commissioners see that the value of the law, and the value of saving lives, is more important that a few extra dollars profit in a developer’s pocket.”

Click here to view the map communities that have adopted home fire sprinklers.

Maria Figueroa