Nashua, New Hampshire: Fire sprinkler save

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Dec 21, 2011

A kitchen fire in a single story dwelling in Nashua, NH, was quickly extinguished by the home’s fire sprinkler system. The grease fire, caused by unattended cooking, was kept in check thanks to the fire suppression system. There were no injuries as the result of this fire.

According to Nashua Fire Rescue, the “dwelling was turned back to owner with minimal smoke and water damage.” As a result, the occupants were able to remain in the home and did not have to be displaced; as is usually the case with an uncontrolled fire that is able to grow without fire sprinklers.

Cases like this one underscore the importance of fire sprinkler requirements in all new home construction. Thanks to Nashua Fire Rescue for bringing this to our attention.

Do you have information of a home fire sprinkler save? Please contact us and let us know.

Maria Figueroa