Homebuilder Murray Pound becomes an outspoken advocate for home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 9, 2012

Murray Pound of Gold Seal Homes
Murray Pound with his Gold Seal staff in Carstairs, Alberta. (Photo: Courtesy of Gold Seal Homes)

For years, Canadian homebuilder Murray Pound rejected home fire sprinklers based on notions of exorbitant cost and installation hassles. Now he’s an outspoken sprinkler advocate on a mission to dispel the myths. What changed?

Gold Seal Homes, founded in 1989, has built the majority of the residences in the Canadian town of Carstairs, Alberta (population 3,500), and recently celebrated the construction of its 300th home. Murray Pound, Gold Seal’s vice-president of operations, relishes the accomplishment, but he’s more pleased that every home built since the summer of 2008 is safeguarded by residential fire sprinklers.      

His company’s decision to install sprinklers didn’t happen overnight, however. Mr. Pound, like most of his peers, had bought into the homebuilding industry’s barrage of reasons why sprinklers were bad for business. Only after some investigating and implementation — and a eureka moment — did Mr. Pound realize these reasons are unfounded.

Read more about Murray Pound, his advocacy efforts, the Canadian viewpoint on sprinklers, and the misconceptions about home fire sprinklers affecting his peers across the globe.

Murray Pound is one of the latest additions to NFPA’s Faces of Fire, a campaign designed to put a face on the life-saving impact of home sprinklers.