Fire sprinklers make a difference in three fires in Prince Georges County, MD

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HandsprinklerFire sprinklers are credited with saving lives and property in three separate fires that broke out in Prince Georges County over the weekend.http://nfpa.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8351b9f3453ef016300ef9bbb970d-pi

As reported by FOX 5 News, the first fire occurred in the Spellman House, an apartment building housing mostly older, disabled residents. The fire alarm in the building malfunctioned and failed to provide early warning of the fire. The fire sprinkler activated in the unit where the fire started; controlling the fire, contributing to the safe evacuation of occupants of the surrounding units. 

Fire poses a higher risk of death to young childrenolder adults and people wih disabilities. In this incident, as in many others involving high risk groups, fire sprinklers can make a difference between life and death, or major injury. As reported, the sprinkler system proved critical in saving lives during this fire.

The second fire started in the kitchen of a single family home and was quickly extinguished by a single sprinkler, limiting damage to $2,500. Systems built to NFPA 13D standards are life safety systems, with the added benefit of property protection. The third fire occurred in a commercial property, where property damage was also limited.

Prince Georges County, MD has required sprinklers in all new construction, including one- and two-family homes for many years. A report documenting 15 years of this communities' experience, and the difference fire sprinkler mandates have made, is available on this site. Prince Georges' County Fire and EMS Spokesman Mark Brady is quoted: “Since 1992, we have not had a fire fatality in any residential sprinklered home.”

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