Homebuilder Murray Pound explains how he became an advocate for home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Apr 16, 2012

Murray Pound is vice president of Operations for Gold Seal Homes in Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1989, his company has built the majority of the residences in the town of Carstairs (population 3,500). He relishes that accomplishment, but he’s more pleased that every home that his company has built since the summer of 2008 is safeguarded by residential fire sprinklers. Read "The Crusader", an NFPA Journal® feature about Mr. Pound.

“I think builders face a lot of obstacles today in that some of the information they are given regarding residential fire sprinklers isn’t completely accurate” says Mr. Pound. “They start to realize sprinklers are not as costly as they thought, and are not as hard to install as they thought, and people do actually want them when asked.”

During NFPA's Home Fire Sprinkler Summit in Chicago, Mr. Pound talked about his journey to becoming an advocate for home fire sprinklers.

"I knew about sprinklers for years," he said. "I had talked with my local fire chief, local building officials, and the chief from another town. My father and I are business partners, so I called him up and said, 'Hey dad, what do you think about fire sprinklers?' He started hitting me with a barrage of myths, the same myths that he'd been fed by my industry - they're too expensive, they they take too much time, customers don't want them, they don't work, they'll freeze - all the arguments you've heard before. But you know what? That was my dad, and you believe what your dad says, so we went on building houses without sprinklers."

In this video, Mr. Pound describes an event that changed his mind about home fire sprinklers.