South Carolina Firefighters partner with NFPA to kick off public safety campaign

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on May 23, 2012

Firefighters from around the State of South Carolina gathered on Tuesday, May 22 to kick off “Faces of Fire” of South Carolina campaign. This is a state wide effort to educate the public on the life safety and other benefits of the required fire sprinkler protection for single family dwellings in all national model codes.


As a way of showing how quickly fire spreads and the life and property saving value of fire sprinklers, South Carolina Fire and Life Safety Education Association (FALSE) intentionally lit two fires in front of a live audience. Each room contained common furnishings, window treatments and a working smoke alarm.  Only one of the rooms contained a fire sprinkler.

The South Carolina State Firefighters Association partnered with NFPA to form the South Carolina Fire Sprinkler Coalition for the purpose of bringing the fire service and other stakeholders together to increase awareness of the power of fire and the home fire death problem, emphasizing the role that home fire sprinklers play in saving lives, and preventing injuries in South Carolina.

The campaign consists of billboard and video public service announcements, side-by-side burn demonstrations, and other events throughout the year. An important feature of the campaign is South Carolinians Princella Lee Bridges, Chief Brian Black, and Linda Chavis, telling their story of fires, loss, and recovery resulting from fire incidents in their homes. Ms. Bridges attended the kick-off event to share her story.

Learn more about this event, see new video public service announcements developed for this campaign.

Maria Figueroa