The South Carolina Fire and Life Safety Education Association conducts side-by-side burn demonstration attended by  record audience

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 12, 2012

Picture1thisoneThe South Carolina Fire and Life Safety Education Association  (FALSE) conducted a side-by side burn at the culmination of the South Carolina State Firefighters Association’s 107th Annual SC Fire Rescue Conference held in Myrtle Beach last week. The activity, a component of the SC Fire Sprinkler Coalition awareness campaign, was attended by a record 1,000 persons.

A side-by-side burn demonstration is the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of home fire sprinkler systems. During the burn, two identical rooms are built and furnished to represent a typical living room or bedroom. One of the rooms contains a smoke alarm and a sprinkler system. The other room contains a smoke alarm.  During this recent SC burn flashover occurred in the unsprinklered burn at 2 min. 49 sec, illustrating the amount of time home occupants have to escape before the fire becomes deadly and severe burns or death may result.

Burn 1 this oneThe SC coalition will continue to work to increase awareness of the power of fire and the home fire death problem, emphasizing the role that home fire sprinklers play in saving lives, and preventing injuries in South Carolina. FALSE is a major player in making this happen by conducting side-by-side burns throughout the state. For information about bringing this demonstration to your community in SC, contact Diane Woods or Les Woods. Visit the SC Fire Sprinkler Coalition website to access the many tools available to advocate for home fire sprinklers in SC.