Wilmington, NC firefighters volunteer to install fire sprinklers in Habitat for Humanity homes.

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 15, 2012

CapeFearHabitatAs reported on Firehouse.com, a group of volunteers in Wilmington, NC led by Wilmington Fire Department Capt. Kenneth Bogan has made it their mission to equip houses built by Habitat for Humanity with fire sprinkler systems. The article informs that to date, volunteers have installed sprinklers in 32 houses around the city constructed by the nonprofit organization.

The importance of their work became evident recently when a Habitat home that they previously equipped with a fire sprinkler system had a fire, which resulted in limited damage to the bedroom where the fire originated. Most importantly, no one was killed or injured; all occupants safely evacuated the home.

"Had we not had a sprinkler in it, we'd be looking at an empty shell of a house," said Esmond Anderson, Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity's construction manager, according to the article. His statement reinforces the importance of winning the “hearts and minds” of Habitat for Humanity; as some chapters have sided with home builders to express opposition to home fire sprinkler requirements during code and legislative hearings around the country.

Capt. Brogan added in a comment posted on Firehouse.com: “I am proud to be a part of this program with our Fire Department and our community. I hope there are readers out there that may be interested in starting this program in their jurisdiction.” He asks those wanting information on installing fire sprinklers in Habitat homes to contact him.